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COMMENT | Is govt serious about tackling economic woes?

COMMENT | With the election dates being hotly debated by those who aspire to hold positions in public offices, the rakyat will continue to hear sugar-coated speeches daily.

Not to mention massive handouts for particular groups and promises of heaven on earth once they are elected to office.

The top political leaders have put the “icing on the cake” by bringing a plane load of their key supporters to no less than New York and the United Nations (UN) – in private jets too!

Many wonder what these public-funded trips to New York are for, let alone the UN general assembly.

Are they given any seats to attend the assembly? Were they assigned any particular task which may help strengthen Malaysia’s international relations?

And were they assigned any interpreters, given that we are to speak in Malay even in the international arena?

In any case, it is mind-boggling that our leaders continue to downplay the economic downturn...

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