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COMMENT | A grand unity government: Unifying and rebuilding Malaysia
COMMENT | Not many people are aware of one critical fact: Malaysia is a federation of 14 states (including Federal Territories). Despite all the symbols and numbers of stripes on the national flag that signify the collection of 14 states to form one country, Malaysia is often seen as a polity almost self-existential on its own.

To the degree that anyone still questions the structural integrity of the population, that is whether this multi-racial and multi-creedal country can last and last, with the goal to thrive. Cynics often point to the unlikelihood of Malaysia getting everything into one unifying act.

As this is written, there are 60 countries that could crack economically and politically in 2023, going by the estimate of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, according to President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, in a Tik Tok video that has gone viral in the latter half of 2022. 

Joko reminded the audience that "Indonesia" is not one of them. Thus, regardless of the pain in the spiral in the cost of living, Indonesia can pull through in any looming recession, even if it were to last two to three years.

The timeframe of three to four years is based on the view of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has prepared the British to face the austerity drive...

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