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COMMENT | Michelle Yeoh and 'Malaysia Madani'
COMMENT | Like columnist Zan Azlee, I did not like the movie 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'.

The last good role I saw Michelle Yeoh was in a season of the TV series “Strike Back”, which if memory serves me right had a few scenes in good ole’ Malaysia or at least, what Westerners thought of as Malaysia.

Also, Zan’s piece is one of his best pieces so far but I think people really missed out on some of the issues he raised because for some people, it became all about how Malaysia is bad because people like Yeoh cannot practice their trade here.

And really, if Pete Teoh wants to talk about “skin crawling”, I felt the exact same way when I saw his music video, “Here in My Home” directed by him, the late Yasmin Ahmad and another festival darling Ho Yuhang...  

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