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LETTER | Get our creaking justice system back on the right track

LETTER | The political landscape keeps sending mixed signals that, to a certain extent, have a rippling effect on public trust and confidence.

The creative justifications that seem to skip around the elephant in the room, which, by the way, is growing larger and louder by the day, resonate with a bewildering adjustment of the moral compass. It is extremely worrying.

The manner in which new political partnerships have been forged recently, especially when these parties were sworn enemies not too long ago, is really a complex situation hard to comprehend.

One has to assume that principles have to be flexible for a while in the compromise to share the political pie, enabling these loosely formed coalitions to stay in the corridors of power, come what may.

Any means used at the moment seem to justify the ends and in all honesty, this should not be the case.

The rule of law is once again at a dire crossroads with all the arms and joints within the criminal justice system creaking under the burden of stress, in order to consistently maintain honour, pride and credibility.

Extremely demoralising

It can be quite confusing to the ordinary man when a high-profile case is brought to court and proceedings are halted midway through the trial.

Public trust and confidence in the criminal justice system is at stake and there will be a great price to pay if we do not get our priorities right as soon as possible before more complexities arise. It can break every fibre in the pursuit of seeking and delivering justice.

It is opined that the main enforcement agencies are stressed once again in this game of political musical chairs as they manoeuvre through the implied demands of the executive.

The amount of time and effort the investigator takes in gathering evidence and the meticulous preparation of the prosecuting arm comes to nought when charges are halted or withdrawn midway through the trial.

It can be extremely demoralising to all those concerned at all levels of investigative and prosecutorial supervision prior to bringing the case to court.

Time is once again of the essence and those in the corridors of power must get back on track in ensuring that justice must not only be seen to be done but done effectively and fairly so that it is felt all the way down to the ordinary man on the street before we turn to the ballot box again.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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