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DAP organised an excellent dialogue on the above topic. Malaysiakini reported on the standing room-only forum adequately enough through her two reports to give non-attendees a flavor of the forum.

To me, the most pertinent aspect of the dialogue was the presence of Yusri Mohamad, the president of Abim and the head of Badai - a loose coalition group that disrupted the Article 11 forum.

Yusri said that he struggled with the decision to attend the forum. According to him, there were two schools of thought even within Abim as to whether he should participate in such a dialogue. My guess is that to some people within Abim, even their participation in such a dialogue is already a concession. In this case, even talking about Lina Joy with her new name is already a concession. To them, she is still Azalina Jailani and a Muslim until the Syariah Court says otherwise.

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