I refer to the malaysiakini report Umno lodges report against Malaysia Today . Since the general election is around the corner, the ruling parties - which practically control all of the media in the country - must make sure that articles written in cyberspace which expose the misdeeds of the ruling elite do not reach the masses.

Ever since Nathaniel Tan, a blogger, was detained by the police a few days ago, the public are left wondering whether other well-known personalities will be hauled up as well.

'Malaysia Today' editor, Raja Petra Kamarudin, who pulls no punches when writing his articles, must have seen it coming and time will tell whether he will face the music for being outspoken about his views about what is going wrong in this country.

As they say, the truth hurts and the ruling BN, which is not able to respond intelligently to all the 'dirty linen' about them has to use government apparatus (the police) to silence their critics.

With all the media which are beholden to the government to renew their annual printing licences, it baffles the minds of the thinking public why a top gun of Umno who was full of controversies during his reign as the MB of Selangor had to make a police report against 'Malaysia Today' for alleged seditious articles disparaging the King and Islam.

Rest assured folks, BN with all their big talk of winning big in the next general elections are actually scared stiff that in the age of Internet, all their scandals and misuse of power cannot be hidden anymore. As the Malay saying goes 'bangkai gajah mana boleh disembunyi dengan daun' (the carcass of an elephant can't be hidden with a leaf)..

The younger generations with a better education level than their forefathers and the growing middle class which are made up of various races can think for themselves about what is wrong in this country.

The BN parties cannot bulldoze their way through like before and if they think by shutting down a news blog which is critical of the government policies they can shut up the opposition, they must be dreaming.

Using the law or the ISA to silence your critics will not do in this modern times. Instead of using brute force to stop the people from talking and writing about governmental misdeeds, it is better for the government to engage them in a helpful public discourse on how to improve our nation as we celebrate our coming 50th anniversary.

Only weak governments like Zimbabwe or North Korea and other Third World nations will use brute force to silence their critics but look at them now. Endemic corruption is rife and their economies are in shambles causing the poor and downtrodden to go hungry while the small elite live like there is no tomorrow.

A lot of silent Malaysians are praying for your safety, Raja Petra. May your voice not be muzzled by the authorities in the coming days. You represent the unsung hero who speaks for the ordinary man and woman on the streets who have a hard time eking out a living in these trying times.

May Allah bless you in your time of need.

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