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I'm sick to death of hearing heads of state, foreign ministers and other high-level hypocrites claiming that their hearts bleed for the people of Burma while they and their business cronies go on supporting the regime that has been sucking the life out of its people for so long.

It's all we can expect of China, of course, still striving to sustain, export and support totalitarianism while attempting to conceal the catastrophic human and environmental costs of this disgusting system behind a veil of secrecy, lies, corrupt neo-capitalism and its forthcoming 'showcase' Olympic Games.

But you'd imagine that India, forever touting itself as the world's largest democracy, could manage a more liberty-loving response to the latest savage crack-down on by the Burma regime than this: "The government of India is concerned at and is closely monitoring the situation in Myanmar (Burma). It is our hope that all sides will resolve their issues peacefully through dialogue. India has always believed that Myanmar's process of political reform and national reconciliation should be more inclusive and broad-based."

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