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'Allah': Banning not the answer, educating is

I refer to the letter ‘Tuhan’ and ‘God’ neutral words .

With his utmost diplomatic authorship, the writer had successfully tried not to annoy the non-Muslims but with accused Christian evangelists, in general, of misusing the word ‘Allah' to confuse.

He further accused the evangelists of using all methods to win converts. Unless he possessed all methodology used by evangelists to convert and have complete knowledge that they, in fact, do apply all the methods, it would be most unfair for him to put forth such an exaggerated statement. Or can we say whilst Christians use all methods, the Muslims do not or failed to use all methods in winning converts? What does he mean when he confidently use the word ‘all methods’?

Reading his fourth and fifth paragraph as a whole, it can be deduced that he is trying to say that evangelists use all methods including confusing methods to win converts. Again, this is an unfair and careless statement.

Assuming that it is true regarding the comic in confusing the Muslims, then the authorities should only ban the comic and not ban the usage of the word ‘Allah’. Such an argument of his is faulty because one cannot restrict a person from using a word which may have once confused somebody. Everyday, many people mis-communicate and are confused by certain words (usually by politicians). That does not mean these words must be banned.

If the writer were to reply that they are not just any other words but words of religious sensitivity, then I would say that there are words with lots of religious sensitivity amongst other religions too. If all these so-called sensitive words are to be banned, there wouldn't be any words left for us to use. For example, a Buddhist may have a different definition for ‘God’ from a Christian's.

If one day a young and malleable Christian were to be confused by a Buddhist who happened to use the word ‘God’ (an English word), would it be fair for the authorities to ban all Buddhists from using the word ‘God’? The Buddhists will definitely argue that the Christians cannot monopolise the word ‘God’.

It would be the same for the Muslims in that they do not monopolise the word ‘Allah’, the Arabic word for God.

Those who do not have the right religious education will obviously be ignorant and confused. It is up to their parents and their community to provide them with a proper religious education. However, it is unfair and unethical to restrict one's use of a word just to protect the one they failed to educate. Banning is not the answer. Educating is.

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