'How to trust this man, Ezam?'

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘He started to play David Copperfield claiming to have six boxes of evidence. But unlike super David’s magic, nothing came out from Ezam’s boxes.’

On Ezam accuses Selangor MB's office of power abuse

Don: How to trust this man, Ezam? At one time he was in Umno and everything was juicy.

He left Umno for PKR. He started to play David Copperfield claiming to have six boxes of evidence against the wrongdoings of Umno stalwarts, but unlike super David’s magic, nothing came out from Ezam’s boxes.

He corrupted others with his lies. While with PKR, he was condemning every other Umno minister and supporter claiming that they were not trustworthy, but he was not aware that he was hitting his head against the wall.

Nobody reacted to his antics, though. Then it was Gerak, going round giving sermons on corruption but nothing was achieved through this movement. He was only full of rhetoric.

Finding himself lost in the ‘desert of politics’, and perhaps becoming virtually jobless, he knelt down to join Umno. Hopefully Gerak will not go after him. Only to neutralise him, he was accepted as an ordinary Umno member, and he is not allowed to contest for any post come this December Umno election.

Umno is smart. Make use of Ezam to smear the opposition, that’s all. He is a Trojan horse, and they will ensure that he will not lead Umno in any capacity. He is now trying to impress his ‘newfound’ master by bringing up petty issues against the opposition, but has kept quiet about those ‘big’ issues he once touted.

Ezam is not a smart politician. He is now completely trapped and he is now ‘neither here nor there’ in politics. Nobody can trust him anymore.

Umno, be extremely cautious of this kind of personality. Umno does not need a person of this calibre. Umno has enough genuine characters to take care of the party. Umno does not need ‘chameleons’ in its fold.

Dorai Dubai: Well, the statement from Ezam doesn’t surprise at all. You, (Ezam) are a traitor. If you can’t get along with your other buddies in Pakatan for whatsoever reason, you should leave the political scene instead of jumping camp to Umno.

Please be informed that Umno leaders are not saints there to bless you. Firstly, Umno shouldn’t have accepted your membership because one day you might revert back to Pakatan when they are in power.

Mike Selva: Ezam is a picture of an exemplary leader. For close to a decade, he fights and goes to prison in wanting to prove Anwar’s innocence and that he is not a homosexual.

And then now, he calmly sits back on a sofa and says he is not surprised over the sodomy allegation against Anwar.

Sorry Ezam, but we have no confidence in you and your new masters.

Mooshie Mooshie: Don't know you well, Ezam, but when you were an independent body and not affiliated to any party in politics, we took an interest in your work.

There are so much for you to do than just to pick on non-issues involving a Pakatan government. I dare you to do some research on the first family and the son-in-law and the wealth of the DPM.

I say your work will be followed closely by millions in the country. I dare you.

Bravehart: I appreciate Ezam's move. This continuous check and balance is needed. This will ensure that all parties are afraid of the rakyat . Ezam's move simply proves the logic and necessity of having a strong opposition.

In future, when BN becomes the opposition, I hope Ezam will continue his efforts. We, the rakyat , want to know that the leaders that we elect are 'clean'.

I would also advise Ezam to look into a similar case that involving the Youth and Sports Ministry. There is a division within the National Sports Council (NSC) called 'Women in Sports'.

This division used letter heads of the NSC to solicit sponsorships that were then channeled to a foundation that a current minister has links with. Maybe Ezam can look into this too.

On Liow: Umno dragged MCA down in polls

Kenny Gan: MCA still refuses to acknowledge the root problem bedeviling the party - that the party has not been effective in representing the Chinese community. The myriad of education, economic, commercial, financial and other polices defined by race attest to it.

Such polices have gone far beyond the special rights for Malays enshrined in the constitution and could only have happened with the willingness of MCA and other minority-based parties to play a subservient role within BN.

Umno arrogance and kris- waving are only the superficial face of the real problem. To treat them as the reason why MCA lost support betrays a dismal lack of understanding of the real issues.

Chinese are no longer content with being thrown a few new Chinese schools now and then. They want to be equal partners in the economic and social growth of the nation. If MCA cannot realise this and continues to put the blame on superficial issues, they will soon slide into irrelevance.

23PSI: MCA is impotent against the dominance of Umno. The same applies to Gerakan and MIC. The bottom line is, the BN formula doesn't work anymore. It's time for it to make way to a two-party system.

Bravehart: Liow's guts to speak openly of the issue is one that is admirable. But the sad fact is that while his statement is true, that’s how far it goes - it’s only a statement.

This is not the first time a BN component party has voiced such an opinion.

Umno is immune to such views and they'll continue with their atrocities. It is like a bacteria that has mutated into an antibiotic.

They are non-responsive to further statements like these. In a moment like this, a doctor will either increase the dosage or better still, change the antibiotics. I challenge the MCA to do that.

If MCA really cares for the future and if they have any ounce of intelligence (I just call it common sense), they should notice where they are heading at top speed - a dead end.

If you are going to do anything for your community, stage a walkout. Pull out of Barisan Nasional. A minimum of 35% of the country will adore you. And it will send tremors down Umno’s spine that will go off the Richter Scale.

The Indians have abandoned MIC. MCA will be abandoned soon. If you are going to die, die with honour as least.

On BN MP queries PM on Sabah poverty statistics

Garry Khoo: My goodness! I would urge the EC to come out a new election method which is the same as Taiwan. All the rakyat will vote for either one of two 2 parties - BN or Pakatan Rakyat.

All MPs must decide now to join which party and kick off the election. Now! We, as the rakyat , are willing to go out and vote again. It's okay if the oil price is high, we can walk to the polling stations!

The rakyat is sick of listening to this kind of childish mistakes anymore. We do not allow anyone to take up the highest elected post in the country to male this kind of mistakes.

How can a MP claim that the poverty statistics for his area are not the same with the PM’s. Thus, where is the communication between Sabah and Sarawak MPs and Putrajaya?

Even using pigeons as communication, I’m sure the correct statistics would have reached Putrajaya a long time ago - since 22 years back.

I really want to express my anger on the tactics used by our PM all this while. Trying to mislead the rakyat over the actual poverty situation is unacceptable.

Trying to make fools of the rakyat and hope they will be always be fools I hope that all the rakyat wake up now.

On Najib: Chinese community will not lose out

Ko-han Wai: Oh, come on! I sure as hell do not have this sort of income. Not even close. I really wonder how the government came up with these sort of information? It’s really mind boggling.

It seems like all these are just simple median mean calculations without keeping account of other factors. Are these figures even authentic or made up?

I am sure that I can speak on behalf for most of my colleagues - Malays, Indians and Chinese alike - that we do not have this sort of income as reported by DPM Najib.

And I believe most average people do not anyway. And if what Najib say is true, why are the majority of Sabahans and Sarawakians still living with less then RM1k per month and without any proper basic water, power or transport system?

And why is Sapp making a big hoo-ha about poverty level in Sabah?

On Independence was fought for by all

Ibrahim Musa K: More than 50 years ago, the Malays, Chinese and Indians joined effort to bring about our independence. The Alliance was formed and our nation prospered. Gradually, the Malay elite group managed to garner more and more power in the government, leaving the non- Malays out of the main political arena.

In the late seventies, power struggles among the stalwarts in the ruling party surfaced. As years passed by, it worsened, culminating in the grand split of Umno in 1987, and the Malays have been pitting themselves against one another ever since.

Now, things get uglier by the day. Dirty linen are washed in public, mud is thrown, names smeared. The sodomy accusation against the de facto opposition leader could just be another example.

To cling on to power, politicians can degrade themselves to the nadir in order to gain a small advantage point. Is this not pathetic, undignified?

Our political scene is already chaotic, it does not augur well for our future. Do not make it worse by becoming the laughing stock of our friendly neighbours.

Somehow, having witnessed the birth of our nation more than 50 years ago, I still feel that we just do not have the right leader, a true leader who cares for all Malaysians. Isn’t this sad?

On PAS invites MIC's ex-Youth chief

Venki Sankar: This is fantastic. However, before we Malaysians of the non-Muslim faiths are to join PAS, it has to shed its religious base and merge with PKR to become a truly Malaysian party with no race or religious bias.

The time now seems right for this so could PAS please take the first step in this great journey towards a greater Malaysia?

On Your say: Our cancerous corruption

Daniel Wong Hing Cheong: The patience of our rakya t has long been tested for 51 good years. Do you know how much we could have moved forward in 51 years without the burden of old, decayed deadwood still sucking out all the precious commodities of our economy?

Many drastic unrealistic and unprofitable rules, laws etc were put in place to do just that and to bring down the advancement of this beautiful country.

If you have done your best to promote and uplift Malaysia for the best of its future, God bless you. If you have done otherwise, think again, God is not mocked.

Loon Weng Fatt: No politician can be trusted especially if he or she has been serving for a long while.

Why do you think they spend so much money, fighting so hard to be elected. It is all for self-serving interest.

On Rosmah: I'm innocent

Concerned: I beg to differ with Rosmah. She is really a difficult passenger on board the aircraft that she travels on. It is difficult to have her on the plane as far as the flight attendants are concerned.

As much as you say she is the first lady in waiting, I hope she doesn’t get there and hopefully she will stay where she is and learn how to travel economy class. And learn how to be humble and polite.

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