'Politicians greedy for power'

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘Never in our history from the days of Tun Razak till today have the politicians provided leadership or direction for country's progress’.

On 'What has become of our leaders?'

Maugham: Malaysian on the whole are peace loving, tolerant and progressive people. The current issues emerging are the work of politicians who are expected to provide leadership.

However, never in the history from the days of Tun Razak till today have the politicians provided leadership or direction for country's progress whether it is in education or socio-economic aspects.

They have proven to be greedy for power, racially motivated with all their words and actions only to gather support to continue in power. There is no such thing as having the people in mind. Rather it is only their political survival in their thoughts.

Therefore, the GE12 upset has really threatened their very own survival and they resort to all sorts of methods to restore power to themselves.

Alas, when can we expect the Tunku's days of friendliness, peace, fatherly and brotherly thoughts, sharing and caring among all the races to come back? We never will, so long as the ruling politicians remain in power.

Heartbroken: This country of ours is heading for disaster if we do not have a change of government as soon as possible. The economy and the business environment is at their lowest ebb ever and there will be more bad news than good down the road.

The foreign inflow of funds has dried up. No foreign investor in his right mind would think of investing in Malaysia at the moment. Their wait-and-see position is merely a polite way of ignoring the present political impasse.

For the sake of the people, please do the decent thing and let the popular people’s choice replace the present regime.

Jude Manickam: I think we are on the threshold of a new Malaysia. Whether for good or worse is another matter. The soap operas have got to stop.

And ultimately, the power bestowed upon the PM is there to be used for the good of all, not a selected few.

In this context, Pak Lah must take charge and do the right thing for the nation - not for Najib, Umno or the man who lives down the road.

For heaven's sakes man, take charge!

Dian Abdullah: Why can’t we have a good leader? Malaysia’s rich resources play an important role. With so much wealth still available it is still a free-for-all for all the greedy people who know that the number one seat is the absolute avenue to free money.

This is the truth for us Malaysians. Look at the events since June 18, 2008. Intimidating. It is sad that no one, absolutely no one is going to do anything. We can talk till kingdom comes and bring out more evidence but where will it all lead to?

The AG, police, ACA, judges, DPM, PM, ex-PM, ex-finance minister, their families and in-laws are all tainted with abuses. These people have no shame or honour because they worship money.

This month and next will change the lives of many. But whether we will learn from this or not is difficult to predict.

No leader of any party has come forward to educate and discuss the actual situation we are going to face in 10 years time. Our leaders are only interested in the now.

They lie through their teeth and simply do not care what happens to us and our future generations.

God Forbid: All the scandals and catastrophes are well-camouflaged and covered-up in our country.

We have no crime, no corruption, no unemployment, a higher standard of education comparable to any other developed nation, no poverty, a wonderfully efficient civil service, no racism, equal opportunity for all races.

All in all a truly fascinating Malaysia. So we have leaders who are gifted, running an efficient machinery of governance and have a lot of free time. Some go on official overseas visits and have a whale of a time.

Then they all return back to good old Malaysia as good holy men upholding the nation’s interests at heart. What a joke.

Shafiq Alhabshi: Where are we heading with all these bickering? By next week it will be four months since the legislators have assumed office and yet the political scene is far from stable.

Whilst we are facing a myriad of economic and financial issues, which remains unrequited, we are also faced with numerous issues and problems which could arguably cause a snowball crisis effect.

The dramas which unfold almost on a daily basis are of no help in the likelihood of a crisis. No doubt when it started, we were pleased because it appeared to keep the ruling party on their toes.

But similar to the law of nature, any overdose could be detrimental. So much so we are losing track of the countless dramas to the extent that even before digesting one episode, another unfolds.

We, the citizens/netizens had elected our representative to air our grievances, issues, concerns and problems for them solve - not to be our ‘entertainers’ with all these antics.

In conclusion, should I be accorded with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet leaders of both BN and PR, I would like to hand them each with a huge banner reading ‘Buat Kerja’.

JD Lovrenciear: The report after report and the retractions, denials, and sordid allegations is tearing this nation apart.

For the love of this nation, its crown and the citizens, can someone please stop all this and help us get on with nation-building seriously?

It is crystal clear that someone has got to tell this - do something. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Today, every Malaysian is deeply injured by the saga after saga spewing out from within the corridors of power. Our image, reputation and dignity in the eyes of the world is damaged.

How do we explain matters to our children? Do the politicians and those at the helm of power not see this sordid and festering limbo that they have allowed this nation to sink into?

Mind you, we are not having differences of opinions over economics or how to manage a country. We are fighting over who ‘rammed’ who and who is protecting who. By god, is this what Malaysian politics and governance has come to?

So, please Mr Honorable Prime Minister, can you please do something? Get your people to lead, follow or get out of the way.

The nation cannot be held at ransom with all this corruption, scandals, denials, allegations and what have you as in these past months.

Phlip Rodrigues: A fresh general election is urgently needed to solve the current deplorable state of affairs. The country should wipe its slate clean again and remove all the actors, be they in the ruling party or the opposition.

The allegations of abuse of power, corruption, immoral conduct and criminal behaviour have tarnished all the people in this long-running drama.

Real power lies with the common people and it is they who can ultimately decide the destiny of the country. Would they rather they read and watch devils and devils (there are no angels) duelling to the detriment of the health of the country?

Malaysians should go the polls again and send the whole lot of them to oblivion.

For this to happen, the current political masters, who suffered a severe drubbing in the recent polls, should all resign and let the court of public opinion be the final arbiter.

This time around, we must elect new faces who do not belong to any of the current political parties. The new Cabinet must be made up of men and women of the highest integrity.

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