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'Suspend Kinabatangan MP'
Published:  Jul 11, 2008 8:54 AM
Updated: 6:22 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘He shows no responsibility or restraint and instead just shoots off his mouth without thinking. He is an absolute embarrassment’.

On Kinabatangan MP: Yes, I did it but...

G-man: I think that the Kinabatangan MP should be suspended indefinitely for his antics in Parliament, which has somewhat turned the sitting into a zoo.

He shows no responsibility or restraint and instead just shoots off his mouth without thinking. He is an absolute embarrassment to the country and people.

Doesn't he and the media realise that this is picked up by people outside the country who are laughing at us at the kind of immature members of parliament we have?

This man is a shame to all Malaysians especially Sabahans and I hope that stern action will be taken against him

Concerned Malaysian: I have been watching the debates and am rather shocked by Bung Mokhtar’s crude and uncultured behaviour.

He feels that he is a hero-orator but he actually brings our Malaysian Parliament into disrepute.

Our speaker just lets him off and by doing so he is creating a very bad impression on himself as he is also from Sabah. Does the speaker fear him for his crudeness lest he too be insulted?

This is what is going to happen next. Therefore its proper that the PM take immediate steps to institute disciplinary action against this Bung.

Throw him out from parliament so that our other Barisan MPs are more cautious with their language and signs while delivering their reports.

Such behaviour as shown by the Kinabatangan MP is not part of our Malaysian culture.

Doraisamy Karuppiah: He is a rude and unkind MP and I sincerely don’t understand why our Sabahans still keep him.

He doesn’t deserve to be an MP. Let’s hope there might not be another chance for him to be an MP. Bye, bye.

Koo Cheow: All this chiding and admonishment by readers for this uncouth MP I am afraid has gone to waste.

Akin to 'casting pearls at swine'. This MP can't read a word of English, that's the trouble.

RM: A member of the ruling coalition, the Barisan Nasional, Bung Mokthar Radin exhibited an obscene sign with his hands during a recent session of Parliament.

This man did not care that there were ladies in the chamber. Please take into account the mentality of these types if you have any business to do with the Parliament of Malaysia.

We are told that the the chimpanzees and the gorillas are in danger of extinction. It would be doing us a favour by taking away his species too.

On PM to retire in 2 years, Najib will take over

Peter Ooi: Pak Lah had already failed miserably in his first term and the rakyat cannot afford to bear with him for another two long years.

In his first term there was not a single achievement worthy of mention. He promised to cleanse the government of corruption - a legacy from his predecessor - with his fanciful slogan. Till today there is not a single ‘big fish’ being caught.

On the contrary corruption is even more rampant than before. Cases of politicians building mansions and owning properties beyond their means were common and yet this did not raise an eyebrow among the powers-that-be.

In short, the politicians had a field day. Some of the lawmakers' behaviour is worse than a hooligan on the streets. Uttering vulgar language and showing lewd gestures in the Parliament is common.

But Pak Lah, being the head, tolerated them. In his tenure as PM, the rakyat’ s quality of life has deteriorated drastically. We read of mothers resorting to feeding condensed milk instead of formula milk to their infants.

Queues for free food keep on increasing. The crime rate has rocketed. Almost every one finds it difficult to make ends meet.

Due to his incompetency, almost everyday Pak Lah and his deputy come under attack from both within and without.

Warding off attacks and criticism is the order of the day for him. Thus, where can he find time to work effectively and efficiently?

Pak Lah, to save the rakyat from further misery, the right thing for you to do is to head for the door.

On Sodomy: Anwar turns to Syariah Court

Mustapha Ong: Anwar’s latest approach to confuse the public will create a legal precedence in that it will become legal to seek Islamic judiciary prudence for any criminal charge.

For Anwar’s situation, it is deemed impossible to secure four undisputed witnesses at the purported scene of any alleged crime as stipulated in the Al-Quran. Malaysia is not an absolute Islamic country, though Islam is the official religion.

For the sake of Islamic theology deliberations, Syariah laws in Malaysia only exist in the states under the various state enactments. It is not even a federal enactment applicable uniformly throughout the country.

It is also important to note that the state syariah enactments vary from state to state. They are incomplete to deal with acts of a criminal nature, for which civil criminal laws take precedence in our legal system.

I believe despite the ongoing parliamentary process to institute and review our judiciary system, Anwar has lost faith in our country’s legal system.

It is obvious that Anwar is going on another religious crusade to sustain and justify his innocence, even before the completion of the police investigations.

I therefore urge the authorities to respond to Anwar’s latest move which may confuse our religious institutions and make a mockery of our constitutional laws and judicial system.

Takeda: Anwar believes Syariah law to be better than federal law, the same Syariah laws which prevented Lina Joy from gaining religious freedom and imprisoned Revathi for wanting to convert.

It is convenient for him and all those rapists who run free because a poor victim doesn't have four men standing around to watch the crime happen.

On GLCs need not be led by Umno members: PM

YSM: I think the prime minister is so very wrong on this statement. GLCs should not be helmed by any politician especially Umno leaders.

In order to maintain the integrity of the organisation and to ensure that corruption is kept to a minimum, Umno leaders should stay out of business.

Over the last 20 years, there is too much of a cosy sharing between business and government. It is time the two be kept as far apart as possible for the good of the rakyat.

Baiyuensheng: How many GLCs are currently managed by non-Muslims?

I mean non-Muslims do contribute a big share of the country’s taxes and since GLCs belong to the rakyat , do we have any management representation in the GLCs at all?

On Cops deny involvement into Bala's disappearance

Dhammika: Why is it hard to believe that the cops have nothing to do with Bala’s disappearance? He is definitely being held captive by certain authorities.

The fact that he managed to call a relative to say few words and admit he could not talk anymore indicate this.

The police have now gone and taken his statement so the police will know who his captives are.

They should get their counterparts in that foreign country to arrest them and charge them with kidnapping.

On 'What Dr M believes irrelevant'

Yee: According to Mahathir’s prediction, he says Najib will never become PM because Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will hurl allegations and he (Najib) will be deemed to be unfit. Much like Mahathir’s own deputy or should I say deputies.

What we saw was 22 years of hanging onto power. Than Mahathir also says that if Muhyiddin was to run for Umno president he will be seen as disloyal and deemed a traitor. Once again, is this not how the many who challenged Mahathir in the 80s and 90s were also labelled?

Did Razaleigh not spend a time in the political wilderness for challenging Mahathir and did not Anwar himself face the full wrath of the government’s machinery for challenging Mahathir?

It is amazing that in his own eyes he is such a good man but he does not see the very thing he accuses others of in himself. This man needs a big, big mirror to see his big, big ego.

He can do no wrong and everyone else around him is a bumbling fool who is always wrong.

On Illegal parking a terrible social disease

Percy Chan: Hurray for this letter. So we do have educated, civilised Malaysians after all.

I am dismayed and perplexed as to where this illegal parking culture came from. One of the better legacies that the Brits left us was civility. These have been enduring values.

Look at the other British colonies like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia. It is ingrained in them to be publicly civil, to be conscious of the other's situation. But no, in Malaysia, it is ‘I’ before you in every which way.

Where did those values come from? Not from the kampung folk, not from the uneducated, not from the poor. It has come from our greedy generation. Greed has over-taken every other value. Greed that tells them ‘I’ have to be first. ‘I’ have to be satisfied so to hell with you and the rest.

I had an experience when a well-dressed young lady in designer clothes and expensive accessories, while chatting on an up-market PDA, jumped a queue at a post office.

When I politely told her to queue, she stared at me and showed me a finger. I thought that says it all. In my youth, I would have broken if she stared at me and showed me a finger.

We have indeed lost the plot. Shame.

On Qura n swearing: 'The innocent have no fear...

Victor Wee: I refer to the comment by 'Concerned Citizen' regarding his or her call to use the polygraph test to extract the truth from Najib and Anwar.

As a matter of fact, the polygraph has been proven an unreliable method as the person being tested can train himself to render the test unreliable.

So much so, it has been dropped by various law enforcement agencies worldwide.