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Non-bumis need more scholarships

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Another shouting match over racism in the House.

Here we go again. The moment the status quo changes, especially for giving out more even opportunities to non-bumis, racism is put back into the picture.

It's no real wonder that Bangsa Malaysia is nothing but a castle in the sky. Literally, here's a case of a shouting match that did not go through the brain, thereby resulting in the arguments not being processed first.

Might I remind our dear member of parliament that we are not trashing bumiputera rights. We've just seen the voices of the nation heard. At least now, there is some breathing space for needy non-bumis to finally get a real chance of getting help when it is needed.

No, Tajuddin, we are not stomping on Malay rights. If you've read my previous letter about quotas being abused, then I would certainly challenge you to get some data and the compare it with an independent survey.

Then, tell us all Malaysians that non-bumis have overstepped our boundaries. Again, as I've already mentioned, the quota system has been abused for far too long. I will never subject myself to racist behavior. Period.

One definitely good question is how did you, Tajuddin, manage to afford to send your kids for overseas studies in the UK and Australia? It does bring up the point of how you managed to finance their education.

As for our independent member of parliament from Pasir Mas, Ibrahim Ali, get your facts right. I think the education given to you has somehow been wasted.

I can see that both of these men does not have any vision for a Bangsa Malaysia. They are merely following the footsteps of Mahathir Mohamad. The results ain't going to be pretty. We are still ‘tolerating’ each other.

Where is the real national unity or Bangsa Malaysia or is that all a hype? It is this mindset that has literally divided us all between racial lines. It is also this mind set that has created am ultra- superficial ‘we live in harmony’ image for the past half-century.

I would like to remind Tajuddin to understand where most of the taxes come from. Does it really affect the bumiputera scholarship allocation if the non-bumi allocation is increased?

I was never so politically aware until I - as many other Malaysians - started to pay taxes. I don't see my hard-earned money being distributed back to the people who need it most.

I only see Umno's and other Mahathir-like-ultra-Malays profiting from my hard-earned money through various policies that hide corruption, cronyism, and inefficiency. The majority of the bumis are still not getting the help they need.

I can give my personal assurance that anyone who does not see the greater picture and work for the greater good of the country (ie Tajuddin and Ibrahim), we will be forever stuck in this lame situation, created none other by ridiculous policies.

More than 50 years have passed. But nothing has changed. I would like to make a quick quote by Albert Einstein. ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

Tajuddin, Ibrahim, and Mahathir-like ultra Malays, please analyse the above statement.

I voted against BN. I will do it again.

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