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PAS-Umno talks: We'll bite the bullet again

Why did the Chinese vote for PAS during the 12 th general election? Perhaps, the simplest answers are 'Enough is enough' or that they were 'Fed up with the BN, specifically the MCA'.

If we were to read deeper into the two answers given above, then I think it is also time to read further into the feelings of the new political mentality of the non-Malays.

Prior to the historical date of March 8, many Chinese were saying ‘Moon also can - die, die-lah’. All indications that the Chinese have had enough of the racist policies of Umno (not the Malays, as there is a stark difference between Umno and the Malays).

Yes, we Chinese were ready to bite the bullet, face the consequences, however bad they may be. Fifty years of suppression under BN/Umno, what’s another century with PAS (who are not Umno)? Die, die-lah.

We voted, we exulted under Pakatan Rakyat. We greeted PAS and PKR as brother and sister of the new Malaysian nation. One for all, and all for one. Historical!

Now PAS wants to talk about Malay unity - or is it Islamic unity? Whatever.

The notion of this unholy alliance is not unexpected for if Umno can plunder the country dry and now the holy and righteous PAS wants to marry them, so be it. We bit the bullet before, and we will bite it again. Die only mah .

Perhaps, upon the consummation of this marriage, PAS will never dare to look into a mirror ever again, because what they will see are kafir , so meticulously branded by PAS of its new spouse, before March 8.

How will this alliance play out in the future?

Socially, the Chinese and Indians will never, ever, ever trust PAS again. But what about the non-Malays (and, also the non-Muslims) who called themselves Umno members?

Are they not second-class citizens like the Chinese and Indians under BN?

Politically, Malaysia will be even more racist than the first fifty years and when push comes to shove, nobody wins.

Economically, the heyday of Malaysia’s economical might, one of the Asian dragons, was over two decades ago, because of a corrupted government. Do we think that PAS/Umno can bring it back to life?

We bit the bullet, we will bite it again.