As one reads through this important book, it emerges that this study fulfils more than it sets out to do, that is, to provide an account of the sequence of events that led up to Malaysia's "finest hour".

The book in fact challenges us to re-visit our history so as to understand why we Malaysians still remain a long way from our goal of forging a "Bangsa Malaysia". While the book's title and primary focus does not make it immediately apparent, a careful reading of it reveals that (Dr Collin) Abraham uses the historical evolution of the routes of resistance movements to colonial rule in Malaya to draw insights into the nature and development of Malaysian society.

In his re-reading of Malaysian history and Left-based political groups, including the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), the author suggests that it was the suppression of these movements by the British colonial administration that was responsible for inhibiting the promotion of a more inclusive and just society, factors that would have been fundamental to the creation of a "Bangsa Malaysia".

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