Collin Abraham travelled throughout the land in the late 1960s earnestly working and implementing social welfare and development plans as a dedicated civil servant would.

Under the late Tun Abdul Razak's directive, Collin was part of the 11-man National Committee for Gerakan Maju responsible for overseeing the implementation of community development programmes. (It is worth mentioning that he was the only non-Malay and the most junior civil servant, the others mainly holding the post of Secretary-General in other Ministries.)

His work has ingrained in him a strong sense of "community" and understanding, perhaps more than most in the academia, the trivia and expectations of the rakyat. His long stint in the university as Associate Professor in Sociology (18 years) and as an academic activist has been a success.

He has written on a wide range of articles and published two books Speaking Out and the Naked Social Order .

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