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    • Lim debunks Rahman Dahlan's debate excuse as 'shameful'

      The CM reminds the minister his corruption charge is unrelated to Taman Manggis, the debate topic. Read more

      Susan Loone

    • Act 355: Ex-CJ rejects Article 8 argument

      Equality before the law does not apply in the context of Act 355, says Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim. Read more

    • 'Abdul Rahman should dare Najib, not Kit Siang to call it a day'

      Teresa Kok rubbishes Abdul Rahman's claims that Lim Kit Siang is not popular in DAP. Read more

    • This is during PDRM's anti-crime demonstration during the Police Day 2017 celebrations. Read more

      Photo by Md Nazir Sufari


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