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    • AG’s response to Bar Council makes no sense

      YOURSAY | ‘This statement coming from Apandi is not surprising and is to be expected.’ Read more

    • Anti-kleptocracy rally in works; Jasa says return assets to Jho Low

      KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief. Read more

      Kini Roundup

    • 1MDB probe - dig deeper or bury deeper?

      YOURSAY | ‘What the IGP and AG need to do is dig deeper into their conscience.’ Read more

    • Professional divers feed aquatic life while in Baju Melayu at Aquaria, KLCC. Read more


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            This is not about religion, this is about intimidation

            COMMENT | The LGBT community have eyes on the backs of their heads.

            Mariam Mokhtar
            'Mariam Mokhtar'

            Pastor's abduction: An unexpected lead or inconvenient questions?

            'The IGP has done a disservice by releasing sensitive information into the case.'

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'

            Oops, I forgot me-mentia

            I’m afraid, it is a case of probably the so-called ‘Freudian forgetfulness’. 

            Dean Johns
            'Dean Johns'


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