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    • Azmin: Pakatan seeking joint victory if snap polls called

      UPDATED 11.18PM | 'It's time we discussed the best option for Penang,' says the PKR leader. Read more

      Koh Jun Lin

    • Bersih 5 and all rallies fall under Peaceful Assembly Act, says IGP

      UPDATED 11.21PM | Khalid responded when asked on the possibility of the NSC Act being invoked against the recently announced Bersih 5 rally. Read more

      Kow Gah Chie

    • 'Tony Pua, Latheefa's 'naked' spat a mere discussion'

      UPDATED 11.42PM | 'In Pakatan Harapan, we agree to disagree,' says Selangor MB. Read more

      Koh Jun Lin


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            Emissaries, Selena Gomez and M’sian Official 1

            It would be best for any emissary to sit this one out.

            Rom Nain
            'Rom Nain'

            Bersih 5 should be a 'Malay-sian tsunami'

            It needs to be about dignity, integrity of Malays.

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'

            Selena Gomez, the faith-breaker

            ‘Who are we to judge,’ you might ask?

            Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman
            'Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman'


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