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    • Poser on new MACC No 1; All's well, says Najib; Muhyiddin joins PKR tour

      KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines that you may have missed yesterday, in brief. Read more

      Kini Roundup

    • Bar lauds CJ’s proposal to relieve AG as judicial division head

      But its chairperson Steven Thiru says this may require a constitutional amendment. Read more

    • ‘We are puzzled that Apandi is puzzled’

      YOURSAY | ‘After being shown to be so spectacularly wrong by DOJ, Apandi has the gall to feign ignorance…’ Read more



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            Cartoonkini by Zunar


            Good-enough would be great

            High time for a gov’t that’s any good at all.

            Dean Johns
            'Dean Johns'

            Emissaries, Selena Gomez and M’sian Official 1

            It would be best for any emissary to sit this one out.

            Rom Nain
            'Rom Nain'

            Bersih 5 should be a 'Malay-sian tsunami'

            It needs to be about dignity, integrity of Malays.

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'


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