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    • Red shirts scrap counter-protest, Ali Tinju not keen on boxing with kids

      Jamal Md Yunus reveals Himpunan Merah will not mobilise against ‘TangkapMO1' as well. Read more

    • Chong Wei: If I had RM300m, I’d stay at home

      Responding to reports on his net worth, Lee says if he had that kind of wealth, he would have quit badminton already. Read more

      Chris Lau

    • Meet Anis Syafiqah, the 'ordinary' student who wants to catch MO1

      MALAYSIANS KINI | The 24-year-old just wants all Malaysians to understand that they are being oppressed. Read more

      Alyaa Alhadjri


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            Of Brexit, Johor Belah, and Bangsa Johor

            We just need a national resurrection for now.

            Azly Rahman
            'Azly Rahman'

            Do PMs and presidents have absolute power?

            In dire need of a revamp of our political system.

            Zan Azlee
            'Zan Azlee'

            Malaysians should back the TangkapMO1 rally

            Democracy doesn’t die when election ends.

            Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman
            'Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman'


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