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    • An open letter to the Perlis mutfi

      COMMENT | Waythamoorthy pens seven-point letter to Asri after his controversial poem. Read more

      P Wathyamoorthy

    • Najib dishes out millions for Indians, says not for polls

      UPDATED 8.15PM | 'It has nothing to do with elections, although I won't prevent it if Indians want to support BN.' Read more

      Alyaa Azhar

    • School warden nabbed for beating up pupil is a convicted felon

      UPDATED 8.37PM | The 11-year-old, who is now in a coma, had his legs amputated to avoid infection. Read more


    • A Myanmar national watches as his goats graze near the Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur in Selayang. Read more

      Photo by Lim Huey Teng


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            The real issue with the Zairil-Dyana 'scandal'

            ‘The big question is, are these two still viable candidates?’

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'

            Totally fake and on the take

            M’sians must unite to remove a fake regime.

            Dean Johns
            'Dean Johns'

            Fake news and those who propagate them

            A more sinister embodiment of political warfare.

            Syerleena Abdul Rashid
            'Syerleena Abdul Rashid'


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