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    • Malaysia urged to tighten curbs on money-laundering

        Koh Jun Lin
    • Rafidah: Criticism of Najib at IACC an embarrassment

    • Utusan fails in appeal against Anwar's defamation suit

        Hafiz Yatim


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        • KiniTV breaks 100m views within 8 months

          The net TV channel also hits highest viewership of 25.1 million video views in August.

        • How low will Low go to defend Najib?

          YOURSAY ‘When you are guilty, you fear even your own shadow.’

        • Forget Dr M, let Najib bring Umno down

          YOURSAY 'Better to suffer greatly for a short period, than to suffer moderately for a long period.'

        • French confirm Reunion debris from MH370

          Paris prosecutors say piece of wing found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean formally identified as part of MAS plane.

        • Gov’t ministers suffer from ‘derma’-titis

          YOURSAY ‘Paul Low, it’s about a change of the PM, not of dismantling the gov’t.’



          • 'Chinese rally' although 100k Malays showed up?

            YOURSAY ‘All Malaysians irrespective of race are only fighting for justice.’


          • Indonesia scraps bullet train in favour of cheaper option

            A 200kph locomotive would be 30 to 40pct cheaper, says Minister Rizal Ramli.

              Chris Brummitt & Neil Chatterjee, Bloomberg

          • PM was warned of grilling if he attended IACC

            He was warned of a possibly hostile reception, with tough questions from participants.

              Adrian Wong

          • Bank Negara: Najib's RM2.6b beyond our jurisdiction

            If the offence is corruption, appropriate body to probe the transaction would be MACC, says deputy governor.

              Koh Jun Lin

          • Nazri: Let TI chief speak, it's freedom of expression

            [UPDATED 8.19PM] On the same note, he defends PM's decision to skip the anti-graft conference.

              Kow Gah Chie

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