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    • Angry Umno supporters force TV3 off stage

      UMNO AGM | They got upset when volume was lowered during Shahrizat's speech. Read more

      Zikri Kamarulzaman

    • Najib awed Muslim world, hence Arab donation, says delegate

      UMNO AGM | FT's delegate says Malaysia's lead in halal exports is the reason for Saudi prince's donation. Read more

      Alyaa Azhar

    • KJ: Unlike 'Boboi', I persevered despite being in cold storage

      UMNO AGM | KJ claims he has never asked anything for himself. Read more

      Alyaa Azhar


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            Umno’s general ass-embly

            Finding a way to kick the crooks out on their asses.

            Dean Johns
            'Dean Johns'

            Umno and the fascist state

            ‘We enabled a regime that corrupted the constitution...’

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'

            Liberalism and democracy are threats to the nation?

            The DPM says they’ve created a culture of hate politics.

            Zan Azlee
            'Zan Azlee'


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