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        • Fitch warns of downgrade risk in M’sia’s rating outlook

          Moody’s says clouds were gathering over its positive outlook on Malaysia’s A3 rating.


        • Anina's lawyer: We'll talk in court on Najib suit

          Hanif says this in response to threats of Anina's expulsion from Umno.

            Hafiz Yatim

        • Stop boasting, Rafizi Ramli tells the PM

            Kow Gah Chie
        • MACC to correct M'sia's corrupt image with facts

            Zikri Kamarulzaman
        • Listening to music not a crime, cops told

        • NGO files police report against Malaysiakini for 'misreporting'


          • Apologise to PAS swiftly, Zaid tells Bersih

            Bersih cannot be blamed but PAS will appreciate the gesture, he says.

          • Syed Ali: Bersih 4 a slap for the Malays

            The Cheras Umno division leader claims the Bersih 4 gathering was a big blow to the Malays with Chinese dominating the gathering.

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          Meanwhile, at @Kini...

            • PKR zooms in on possible RM3.5b warship deal

                Kow Gah Chie
            • M’sia says reviewing French proposal for Rafale fighters



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