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    • PM was warned of grilling if he attended IACC

        Adrian Wong
    • Bank Negara: Najib's RM2.6b beyond our jurisdiction

        Koh Jun Lin
    • Nazri: Let TI chief speak, it's freedom of expression

        Kow Gah Chie


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        • Salleh to Anwar: Is PAS still part of opposition pact?

          Impossible for PAS and Amanah to be in the same coalition, says minister.

        • Mindef has become more transparent, says TI-M

          This could be seen from ministry's willingness to respond to the assessment, it says.

        • 'Bersih 4 Chinese numbers no indication of MCA rejection'

          Party leaders point out that even though Bersih was dominated by Malays, the MCA still lost support.

        • Liow denies MCA under him has gone limp

          MCA president says party's stand on issues like 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion and Bersih 4 is very clear but he does not say what the stand is.

        • Unwise to sack Muhyiddin and Shafie, warns Umno leader

          Elected by 3.2 million members, their fate cannot be decided by 40 leaders, says Mohamad Aziz.


          • Two Amanah MPs to pay 'kafarah' by feeding the poor

            Khalid Samad and Dr Mariah Mahmud will perform the act to redeem an oath of loyalty they swore to PAS.

              Anne Muhammad and Shakira Buang

          • Avoid three-cornered election fights, PAS and Amanah told

            Mahfuz Omar says both parties should work out where to contest in next general election.

          • Abolishing PTPTN interest tops PM's Budget 2016 suggestions site

            Proposals to abolish BR1M and GST on processed food also gaining traction.

          • MCA may sink under the weight of 1MDB, warns party leader

            Marco Yap says MCA must make a clear stand on issues concerning what is right and wrong.

          • 'Grilled' Adenan defends Taib at IACC

            The former CM has been investigated, yes, but not taken to court, declares the current CM.

              Koh Jun Lin

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