Hasan Ali: PAS' biggest liability

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Looks like Hasan Ali is at it again. How was this guy, who is so anti-Pakatan Rakyat, selected by PAS as a assemblyman for Gombak Setia seat?

He seems to be doing his best to make Pakatan look bad. Perhaps, he is a Trojan horse within the Pakatan government. It is no secret he hopped from Umno to PAS so that gives rise to suspicion he must be one. He has not outwardly hit out or condemned any of BN's previous actions nor taken to task Mohd Khir Toyo for his corrupt actions in the past but keeps battering Pakatan for one thing or other.

The Selcat has every right to probe and question every action and corrupt practices of politicians as well as civil servants in Selangor. As long as they do it openly and not like MACC in secrecy like Gestapo to bash intimidate suspects and even witnesses.

Has MACC investigated any of the reports made to them on corrupt practices of the past BN government in Selangor?

Why didn't Hasan Ali make a hue and cry about the way police and MACC treats suspects and witnesses. I suspect that he is not sincere to Pakatan's cause. He only wants to bring down Pakatan in Selangor and then jump back to Umno and claim his reward.

If PAS still insists on keeping him as a candidate for the next election, the people of Gombak should teach him a lesson and not vote for him. It is better to lose the seat to an independent then to have him in Pakatan. It is high time PAS rein him in or even expel him from the party for working against the party and Pakatan coalition.

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