LGBT hate campaign a cover up for gov't malaise

It is extremely disconcerting that the government has reached a new low in its targeting of the LGBT community.

In less than a month, the equally homophobic mainstream media has faithfully reported opinions of hate-mongering politicians in order to deflect the rakyat's attention from the actual malaise affecting this nation, lousy governance.

In fact I would like to propose an extensive counselling programme to the honourable DPM Muhyiddin Yassin to deter corruption among politicians. Now that would be money well spent, failing which we send them to jail.  

I also propose a mandatory personality test to weed out racists, homophobes and sexists elected representatives so that the rakyat are effectively represented in Parliament.

It is vital to understand that this a carefully constructed 'sandiwara' to really draw attention away from pressing problems we face on a day to day basis in this country.

For instances, Ron 97 just went up by 10 cents, NFC is divesting its ill begotten assets, economic is suffering and the coffers of the nation are dry, but none of these get the attention that they deserve from the ruling junta.

I am not going to go into the details of how a person's sexuality or gender orientation has nothing to do with their ability to host a chat show, run for office or become the prime minister. There is a lot research and case studies which support the fact that given equally opportunities any LGBT individual can reach his/her fullest potential to contribute greatly to society.

However, an LGBT individual suffers great discrimination from birth because he/she is not considered the norm hence does not get the opportunity to fulfill his/her potential. 

The homophobia displayed by the likes of the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin and Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamad Hashim will given credence to misconceptions already being perpetuated about the LGBT community. In fact, any sane politician could attest to the fact that a nation thrives when its citizens are productive.

As a voter since it is all about the 13th general election, I am perfectly clear on my stand about politicians who are homophobic, hate-mongers or blatantly ignorant. I do not want to cringe every time my elected representative unabashedly contributes to hatred against another Malaysian.

Oh yes, let us not forget that the LGBT community also votes! I would in fact write/call/visit my parliamentarian and tell him/her exactly how I feel about homophobia and the vilification of the LGBT community.

If he/she does not hold the very same principles which I do, I would effectively campaign against him/her. I will not tolerate homophobia or hatred in the country that love and call home.