MACC, at least give proper progress reports

I refer to the article MACC: Probes against Taib, Musa 'yet to be resolved'.

For every case of suspected fraud or mismanagement of public funds/assets/contracts or awards that have multimillion/billion ringgit adverse financial implications to the taxpayers/rakyat and the country, the matters are reported either to the Police or MACC or relevant regulatory commissions, or all of them.

It is the expectation of those who had made the reports that the cases will be investigated and if found to be true then appropriate action would be taken against those alleged to be involved in fraud and mismanagement of public funds/assets.

Unfortunately the reports are often perceived to be forgotten, as it is only in rare cases that progress and ongoing developments are reported in the media.

It is conceded that investigations are time consuming and also there is possibility that the the involved parties such as police, MACC and relevant regulatory authorities or commissions may not have sufficient human and infrastructure resources or the complex expertise required to do thorough investigations.

However, it would be appropriate if the agencies involved were to provide periodical progress reports and their status, and this be published in the print/web media. This would confirm that all of them are practising the often repeated promises by political and other leaders, of transparency and accountability.

Lack of such information gives the perception that political leaders and relevant authorities are not serious and that their promises are just slogans go gain publicity.

Failure of the media to play their role gives the perception that they are neither fair nor independent in their journalistic duties and play to the powers.

The promises made by relevant authorities on the cases of financial mismanagement reported annually by the auditor general is another case where action is always being promised but little is ever reported of the results of investigations and action against those involved.