Anwar should show leadership in LGBT issue

I want to thank Suaram for having the sense to speak up against the grave injustice being done to the LGBT community by opportunistic politicians, whether from BN or Pakatan. I hope the opposition realises such discriminatory actions against the community just to curry favour with the preferred voter bloc, hurts more coming from the opposition, as the community has obviously given up on the ruling party, who has time and again proven they are willing to throw us to the lions just to gain a few popularity points at the polls.

We hoped that Pakatan would be different, and as Josh Hong very succinctly put it in ‘Anwar changing, again’, PKR especially touts itself as a reformist party, so discrimination coming from that party is especially vile. And more so from its leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Hong must be complemented for his excellent article and analysis of the situation. He is right to say that as an aspiring leader of the nation, Anwar has shown a disgusting lack of ethics. As one who has been demonised over sexual matters, it is worse that he turns around and throws the LGBT community into the fire to defend himself.

An honourable person would not do that. For one to sacrifice another to save oneself is the ultimate act of selfishness. That it comes from a leader hoping to become PM is particularly disgusting. It is little comfort that BN leaders have proven they are worse, but two wrongs do not make a right.

As Hong rightfully points out, Anwar could have given any number of answers to the questions posed in court, and a good and respectable leader would know the right answers that would not fall into the trap set for him by his opponents, but would neither offend the innocent public, in this case, the LGBT.

While we have no illusions that any Pakatan leader, least of all Anwar, would stand up for us as other real courageous leaders such as Ambiga Sreenevaasan and people at Suaram - even at Suhakam - have done, the least we expect is for the opposition leaders to be respectful.

Anwar has obviously gone to extra lengths in his case, more than necessary, to demonise us. His caveats are useless considering he has said he agrees to more laws against homosexuality. Any such law would be against universally accepted human rights principles. This is the 21st century, Anwar.

In this century, one can no longer call it a crime. The best they can do is claim some religious authority. But religion is a private matter, regardless of supremacy and some constitutional article read in isolation from the other articles.

My religion (I am neither Christian nor Muslim) does not hold homosexuality as a sin, more less a crime. Your Muslim beliefs do not dictate my rights as I am not Muslim. We are all equal in the eyes of the law.

I am also a taxpayer, and therefore I have equal right not to be discriminated. After all, I pay the salaries of lawmakers and even judges. I don’t think anyone who is not a taxpayer, and there are many amongst the naysayers, has any right to tell me what is moral and right and who is a sinner and who is not.

I also vote, and although I would never vote for BN because of what we know they are, I would now probably not vote for PKR as well.