MCA Penang: Axe the plan, not the trees

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MCA Penang stands with the Consumer Association of Penang and Sahabat Alam Malaysia in their protest yesterday against plans by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) to fell 44 trees along Jalan Masjid Negeri as part of a road widening project of which 20 will be transplanted.

Even more unsettling is MPPP announcement that out of 80 trees in the Bukit Gelugor area, only 16 would remain.

I wish to remind the DAP-led state government to keep to their 2008 general election manifesto which pledged to "Provide and protect green lungs for densely populated urban areas."

Furthermore, the Pakatan's Common Policy Framework expresses that "our environment is a national treasure that must be preserved for the sustainability of the future generations."

Or is it a case of convenient amnesia by the Penang state government and DAP to neglect abiding by its election pledges?

The MP for Bukit Gelugor i.e. DAP chairman Karpal Singh should voice to the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and MPPP the importance of keeping to the party's promises especially now when they hold office.

Or has he no influence even within his own state despite Guan Eng being the DAP Secretary General and not the chairman?

It will be very arrogant of MPPP to proceed with this tree-chopping plan considering that it appears to be a unilateral decision by MPPP whereby the residents were not consulted.

Wakil rakyat must realise that they must hear out the voices of the masses.

Benefits of leaving the trees alone

Besides providing a shade to the tropical sun, the greenery from the tree branches and leaves are a welcome sight aesthetically and offer pedestrians and motorists a cool respite from the heat and humidity.

Hacking down these trees takes only a few minutes although it took

Mother Nature decades for the trees to be able to grow and mature to such a majestic height and sight.

The DAP-helmed state administration should practise that they are friends and not fiends of nature.

Hence, please live up to your GE and Common Policy Framework manifestos.


KOAY KAR HUAH is MCA Penang adviser.

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