'NST got it wrong in saying I lost to Chong Eng'

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On Dec 12, the New Straits Times ( NST ) published a news article which reported that I had lost to the incumbent DAP national women's wing chief Chong Eng, who is also member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam, in the DAP's first-ever national women's section election.

I was indeed shocked and deeply perturbed to read the news article which was written by the NST 's political editor Shahrum Sayuthi entitled ‘DAP's Lims sweat over dissenters'.

I wish to state categorically that I did not contest for the women's chief position in the DAP's (first-ever) national women's section election on Dec 9, 2012.

I fail to understand how on earth would I have lost to Chong Eng if I did not contest in the first place?

This reflects very badly on NST 's severe lack of professionalism. It is also a serious breach of journalistic ethics. NST is clearly out of line.

I strongly condemn such an irresponsible and unethical writing of such, as it is tantamount to false reporting which is clearly actionable.

I therefore demand that the writer Shahrum Sayuthi and the NST immediately retract the above references to me and also simultaneously issue a public apology and publish it in all publications of the NST group. I reserve all my legal rights.

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