Can being an unregistered coalition hurt Pakatan?

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I would like to forward my thoughts on the possible outcome of the coming general election. Hopefully this will generate some reactions.

It is likely that the election results could end up with Pakatan Rakyat winning 10 seats more than BN.

But, as far as I know, Pakatan's registration as a coalition has been delayed or blocked by the authorities, under BN government.

According to the Malaysian constitution, any party which wins the majority of parliamentary seats, is given the right to form the new government.

Could the authorities under BN instruction, refuse to let Pakatan form the next government by reason that Pakatan is not a registered coalition like BN?

The seats won by PKR, DAP and PAS could then be counted as individual parties.

It's unlikely on their own, these parties would have the majority of seats.

Instead, Umno could end up with as party which wins the most (though not majority) of the parliamentary seats and given the first priority to form the new government with its chosen partners.

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