Pakatan must learn from BN in reaching rural folk

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BN actually did something right on their campaign to reach rural folk which Pakatan failed to do.

1. Snail mail - many of us probably received traditional mail from BN asking us to vote for them. Many city voters would just ignore it but to rural area voters, they may actually feel honoured that BN cares.

Pakatan did send out emails but that did not have the same effect as traditional mail, which covers every corner of the country.

2. SMS - many of the uprisings in the middle east were fuelled through SMS, not through Whatapps. Again, we received many SMS from BN but hardly any from Pakatan.

Although there were many Whatapps messages floating around because it is free, but we have to know Whatsapps works mainly on city voters only, where they are more connected.

In kampung or rural areas, SMS still rules. Pakatan again never utilised this form of communication to gain more voter support.

3. Gatherings - the type of gatherings like in Kelana Jaya last night has to move to other places, with supporters from Klang Valley area following to show support.

For example next month doing one in Johor, one more month in Kedah, then Sabah, then Sarawak and so on.

Pakatan must bring the crowd there, to show the local voters the huge support they have. Hopefully through word of mouth, more rural people get the message from their local counterparts.

Remember, in mainstream media which rural areas depend on for their news, the Kelana Jaya event last night "never" happened.

4. Carrots - give the rural voters something they want. BN again wins in this department by giving out "cash". Pakatan promised toll free roads, no tax on cars, low petrol bills, stop BN from wasting taxpayer's money, etc. that mainly have major impact on city voters.

In rural area of Sabah or Sarawak for example, no one owns cars, no one has ever seen a toll road, no one pays tax because of their low income.

They were just happy to receive a few hundred ringgit cash which may be equivalent to their one month's salary. Pakatan has to learn and give them what they want, not necessarily cash but something like free doctor service, etc.

Going the tech-savvy way of campaigning only gets you the city voters, which Pakatan has done very well. If Pakatan wants to reach rural voters, they have to learn to forget the Internet and Whatapps.

It is time for Pakatan to do it the BN way, the "traditional" way to win the rural votes.

And it has to start now as there is a lot of area to cover.


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