Why ask only Chua Soi Lek to resign?

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This week as many as 15 veterans of MCA including former presidents, deputy presidents and central committee members jointly demanded an instant resignation from Chua Soi Lek as president of MCA.

I would like to ask a question in this regard, that of why it is that Chua Soi Lek should take sole responsibility for the debacle of GE13.

Frankly speaking, can he alone damage the deeply rooted problems of the party to such an extent, as he has only been holding the top post for less than three years?

The cause of MCA’s failure lies in the dissatisfaction of the Chinese community over certain issues and the unfulfilled pledges that have accumulated bit by bit until this unfavourable situation Chua is facing now.

I am sorry to say that each and every one of the 15 MCA veterans who insist on Chua’s resignation might have contributed in the past, that has led to the party’s plight today.

As for MCA not being prepared to join the post-GE13 government’s cabinet, why is only Chua Soi Lek being blamed for such a decision when the resolution was passed collectively in the party’s general assembly?

Otherwise, the newly elected MP Wee Ka Seong would not have said in the telephone interview with Astro , that they would adhere to what they had vowed concerning the matter.

So while Chua is being asked to resign, what about the seven MCA parliamentarians who have won in the just concluded GE?

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