Envoy should help, not rebuke protesters

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Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore Md Hussin Nayan's rebuke yesterday of the 21 Malaysians arrested in Singapore last Saturday as reported in The Star, is highly unprofessional and blatantly political.

It is deeply regrettable that Md Hussin chose without any basis to describe the 21 Malaysian protesters as extremists who deserved to be arrested.

The peaceful protest participated by the 21 Malaysians arrested was merely to express solidarity with fellow Malaysians back home who have just been cheated of a rakyat's victory in recently concluded GE13.

The staged protest was clearly not intended to create any public disorder in the island state, and the only offence committed, if any, was that the peaceful gathering was carried out without a police permit, a mere technical offence.

Any other diplomat in a similar situation would have immediately used his office to assist their citizens to resolve their predicament with the authorities in the host country and not condemn them.

PKR urges Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to instruct the high commissioner to Singapore to stop making further baseless accusations of a political nature and instead to use his office, on behalf of the 21 Malaysians, to resolve the matter with the Singapore authorities.

GOOi HSIAO LEUNG is Member of Parliament for Alor Setar.


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