School no place for slaughtering cows

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The Education Ministry should explain why were cows allowed to be slaughtered in schools in the presence of students, both Muslims and non-Muslims, two days ago.

While we respect the religious customs and beliefs of all people, there must be some level of understanding that some practices such as slaughtering cows are offensive to certain religions and as such should not be allowed to be carried out in public places such as schools.

I have received many complaints from distressed residents in Puchong who have complained that cows were slaughtered in school compounds before students, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

This is totally insensitive to the Indian community especially.

Why is there a need for this to be done in a national school during school hours? Is this part of the syllabus, part of the activities that are today celebrated in our national schools?

I urge the education minister to put a stop to this.

A school is most certainly not a place where such activities should be allowed to take place, more so during school hours and in the presence of students.

GOBIND SINGH DEO is member of parliament for Puchong.


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