Yes, certain emigrants are cowards

I am amazed with the responses to my recent letter.

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I have nothing against social and economic emigrants. It's natural and instinctive for people to emigrate to greener pastures. Even animals and plants do that.

My letter was directed to wealthy emigrants (hence, people of power and influence) who have decided to leave the country with a grudge and a bad story. I did not accuse them of being greedy but rather of being selfish cowards, and opportunists. And I stand by my accusations.

My qualm with this particular group of emigrants - which I would prefer to term as those with power and influence - comes from the argument that while they are aware and complaining of injustices in Malaysia, their solution to the problem is merely to run away from it as cowards do.

As people of power and influence, they are definitely capable of doing much more than running away and being bitter about it. Can someone please tell me, how can someone bring about positive change a democratic country such as Malaysia, by abandoning your right to vote?

Do you think by bad mouthing Malaysia and by continuing to attack Malaysia from overseas you will solve the problem at home? Why not use your power and influence in Malaysia to bring about positive changes?

Malaysia's policy is determined by a government that is democratically elected. Changes will only come through the ballot and when you vote with your feet, you are only voting for the injustices you see (by not voting against it).

In addition to that, I believe that there is an even greater injustice when someone earning a five figure salary hires another human being for only RM400 a month, and does not see it as social problem but rather see it as a luxury (one could also see the NEP as a luxury to certain group of people).

It irks me to see that one can see injustice in Malaysia but fail to see one before his very own eyes. It underlines the intrinsic selfish behavior of human beings and hence foretells that the NEP is here to stay for a long time.