The gods smiled upon Anwar, thats all

We are all very happy for Anwar Ibrahim and I am sure many Umno politicians and members deep down in their heart also wish him well. However, they are scared to say it publicly lest they have their rice bowl taken away from them.

I, however, must caution against the current media circus and the hype that Anwar's release has caused and it is quite worrying to me that people are not seeing the woods from the tree. In particular I refer to the letter from Chandra Muzaffar who suddenly thinks that all is well with the judiciary.

The letter from Seng is better, but it should be pointed out any person may use or abuse their office to stop investigation into their personal affairs for any reason, not just because there is irrefutable evidence that the said abuse took place.

I am not saying that Anwar is guilty or not guilty, just that the evidence adduced at the original trial was insufficient to convict him.

I am surprised that many are now singing praises of a so-called independent judiciary and are also thanking the PM for letting Anwar go free. Am I the only one who seems to spot the contradiction in this?

To me, Anwar should never have been convicted based on the flimsy evidence produced during his High Court trial. Anyway, if Anwar made a deal with the government to be set free, so be it, for it is his life and his family which is paramount to him.

After all no one was bothered about him for six years save for a few hard core supporters including Malaysiakini, Aliran and the Free Anwar Movement.

I wish to summarise Anwar's saga into the three categories below for lessons learned and to be learned.

1. The executive's power is supreme and absolute. There is not even a chance of changing anything once things have been decided by the 'gods'. Anwar was the best and the worst among them.

What happened to S Nallakarupan? Why were so many procedural matters not followed and yet Anwar convicted? Because Dr Mahathir Mohamad was in control. Make no mistake about it.

If the new administration is any better than the last, then please charge all the ISA detainees in court. But they won't as there is no evidence, as publicly admitted to by the Home Minster once.

This abuse of power is scary as those in power do not even wince at using the full force of the government machinery to bully and torture a fellow member. Umno is Malay but this did not stop it from abusing another Malay. Surely it was sufficient to just sack Anwar. Why destroy six years of someone's life?

No one is safe in Malaysia from this kind of abuse of power. The 'gods' decide. Abdullah clearly misled parliament but did not get into trouble as his deputy apologised on his behalf, But Karpal Singh is facing suspension for a similar transgression but on a far smaller matter. Why? All because 'they', the 'gods' can.

2. Patronage and friends goes together. When Anwar got into trouble, no one bothered after a while as they realigned themselves to Mahathir. Some of them still are in the Cabinet. These are people without any conviction.

If all the cabinet members had resigned in protest, Mahathir would not have had the courage to follow through in his dealings. Many of us know of friends who disappear as soon trouble comes and this is illustrated at best in Anwar's case.

I pity him for that. We must remember this. Even Abdullah had to go through it at some point in his life. Many who did not want to know Abdullah in the past are moving heaven and earth to apple polish and shoe shine for him now that he is the PM.

3. In Malaysia, the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. Everything depends on the whims and fancies of the 'gods'.

The judiciary now independent? My foot. Anwar's release was a staged show for whatever reason. I would think it is time to bring back jury trial to Malaysia but with rampant corruption and people willing to do anything for a song, not much can be placed on the integrity of the jurors.

In Anwar's case, the judges may have finally decided to do the right thing but make no mistake - this would have only been possible only with the tacit approval of the 'gods'. I am convinced of this.

Why then would the appeal decision be given exactly six years to the day he was arrested and just before the Umno AGM? Come on, the Barisan Nasional government is pulling wool over our eyes again and many of us are falling over each other to praise them for it.

We must never forget that one man had so much hate in him and abused institutional processes to bring so much harm upon his rival, all because the latter dared to challenge him. And he got away it as Malaysians are selfish lot who don't care about others just as long they themselves are happy and 'wealthy'.

Anwar's case is a sad reflection of the actual meaning of 'Malaysia Boleh'. All it means is that we have absolutely no say on how the 'gods' decide to run this country. Based on past experiences, Anwar's release will not herald in a new era. It will be business as usual in Malaysia soon, just mark my words.