China not all that innocent

I refer to your report Chinese federation slams Japan's UN bid.

It is indeed shameful for a local Chinese federation to see it fit to voice out their protest over Japan's bid for UN Security Council seat on the ground of Japan's actions in World War II.

Indeed, what the Japanese did 50 years ago is regretful, but we should not let our racial prejudice blind our judgement.

The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia has chosen to overlook communist China's policies that left millions dead during their Cultural Revolution. Killing is wrong, regardless of whose citizens are involved.

In the above examples, one of the killings was committed during a formal, declared war, but the other was committed in the promise of an Utopia. That kind of deception is cruel beyond words.

And by the way, did someone say rewriting history was wrong? But if so, pray tell which country has not attempted to do that?