NegaraKu at the movies a knee-jerk response

The letter Negaraku policy for cinema halls childish is funny but what is outlined in it could very well happen in our Bolehland.

It is not unusual for Malaysian ministers and leaders to have knee-jerk responses and reactions as solutions to impending problems. The writer has given a possible scenario of what could happen and it is not inconceivable.

Values and morality cannot be legislated. They have to be taught from young. Forcing someone to stand up when the Negaraku is being played does not make him any more patriotic then the migrant labourer building the nation's infrastructure.

A corrupt civil servant who receives bribes for favours, litters the streets with his cigarette butts and fails to pay his bills but stands up in the cinema hall when the Negaraku is played is missing the point.

We should start looking at the substance above the form, the being over the doing and the person rather than the position.