Business as usual for police after commission report

    I refer to the report Cops ask for 'yum cha' money, strip me and grab my breasts.

    I guess it is business as usual for our police force right after the completion of the report of the Royal Police Commission. I guess there is nothing that can change or improve the image of our police officers who are bent on behaving like thugs and enforcers of their own laws.

    Of what use was the Royal Police Commission? Was it formed just to lift the image of our prime minister who incidentally mentioned that he would come down hard on corruption? I must ask whether the PM will come down hard on the lawlessness exhibited by these law enforcers?

    The most unsafe place in Malaysia to be in is in a police lockup. You could be maimed or even killed. Even gangsters and thugs may treat you better if you co-operate with them, but not so our police who will not listen to your pleas.

    Small wonder then Chinese tourists are avoiding our country. Maybe in the near future, tourists from other neighbouring countries like Thailand and the Philippines will also avoid Malaysia. They will all be too scared of our police.