Syariah Court should hear both sides

I am really touched by the feelings expressed by many quarters of the Malaysian society on the M Moothy's case. Being a Muslim myself, I am ashamed by the way the matter had been handled.

I read the letter by T Ramdas (The right to the last rites), and I am of the opinion that the Syariah Court should not have heard the ex-parte application taking into account that the family had referred this matter to the High Court. The Syariah Court should had instructed the parties to invite the deceased family to hear their views and testimony before delivering their decision. An ex-parte application on matters of religion should be repealed immediately to avoid similar situation.

I also agree with the Bar Council spokesman that the High Court should have intervene and ensured that justice was carried out.

What the judges in this case fail to understand is that they had done injustice. Everyone of us have families and looking into the accounts of Moorthy's case, we can understand that what this Hindu family would feel. Islam has always believed in fair and justice.

Although this matter is too late at the moment, I hope the parties that had done injustice will wake up and see what should be done in the future. There should have had been communication between both parties (Syariah Court and High Court). No one should think that they are higher than the other. Only Allah is the Almighty, and we need to do what is fair and just.

I hope a national forum on this problem be carried out by the government and by this a similar occurance would be a matter of the past.

I deeply express my condolences to the deceased family and pray that his soul rest in peace in the Muslim and Hindu way.