Not giving up hope on Malaysia

    I refer to Smita Elena Sharma's letter Love for country not just only about food... I share her feelings, sentiments and disappointment in the way Malaysia is progressing. But unlike her, I will not even think of leaving Malaysia.

    I will never, ever give up hope.

    I will never abandon my countrymen in their fight for justice.

    I will stand side-by-side with them when they voice their opinions.

    I will support and give encouragement to them when they feel there's no progress being made.

    I will lend them all my strength and might.

    I will stay and be proud to be counted among them and...

    I will teach my children to always fight for their rights.

    What I will not do is to tuck my tail in and run away, blabbering and telling tales to foreigners,

    I will not hide away in foreign lands.

    This is my country,

    This is where I will fight,

    And if Malaysia demands that I give all of myself;

    Let it be known that I will gladly do so!