Stop politicising Islam to end debate

I refer to the letter Stop publishing politically explosives articles by Ray.

I can understand Ray's displeasure with the many discussions, opinions and criticism on Islam by non-Muslims. I'm sure many Malays and Muslims share Ray's sentiments, and understandably so. After all, who are non-Muslims to offer their two cents worth on religious matters about which they have no knowledge about?

Indeed, I am here to offer Ray and his fellow Muslims a practical suggestion on how they can reduce such belligerence on the part of us non-Muslim Malaysians. Simply, start a grassroots movement to pressure your community, religious and political leaders to stop politicising Islam.

The reason you see an increase in non-Muslim's comments about Islam is primarily due to the use of Islam in politics, no thanks to the contest between Umno and PAS in seeing who is the more holier and, of course, that great declaration by our former prime minister that Malaysia is an Islamic state.

Islam in politics corresponds to placing Islam in the public domain. As such, the public will have opinions and discussions about Islam, as with any other issue in the public domain. Stop politicising Islam, and you will find that non-Muslims will not have much to voice their opinions about or to criticise. So, the ball is really in your court.

And might I suggest to Ray that if he cannot stomach the opinions expressed by malaysiakini readers, he should not be wasting his time reading malaysiakini or any other independent media. There are various other state-controlled news sources that will adequately fit his need for not being exposed to irritating opinions from others.