International Jew: Apologies wont undo truth

The response by SAB to my earlier letter on MAS's hiring of an ex-Israeli intelligence officer confirms what I have said: that some would always attempt to de-humanise the Palestinian issue and give a facade of legitimacy to the existence of a state carved out of the blood of millions of Palestinians.

The argument that Israel is carved out of 'Israeli' blood is not untypical of the argument that the state of Nevada in the US or New South Wales in Australia is also carved out of Anglo-Saxon blood. An indifference to history which is a common disease whenever some justify the killings of thousands of Palestinians or the carpet bombings of refugee camps in Lebanon back in the 1980s.

Whether or not Henry Ford, or the Ford Motor Company, or his descendants, apologise for what was written in The International Jew , and whether or not the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a fake, is not relevant to the argument that Zionism is one of the last remaining form of racist ideologies. Ford can say sorry a thousand times and destroy all the copies of his book, but does that undo the truth of what he has published?

And pray, when it is said that Hamas is committed to the elimination 'of a state and death of its occupants' do you know what sort of 'state' we are talking about here? But I must commend the writer for at least he has correctly used the word 'occupants'. The state of Israel is illegal and a colonial creation and its inhabitants must surely be 'occupants'.

By the way, our edition of The International Jew sold like hot cakes and the last time I heard, it has run into its fourth reprint, don't tell me that is a bad business decision!