Fuel hike politically incorrect decision

As a strong supporter of the present administration, I was among the many who were asked to be present to hear the 'Abdullah brief' to all BN leaders on Sunday on the 30 sen fuel price hike - a week after massive floods devastated my home and neighbouring areas causing economic loss to more than 11,000 people.

At the brief, as expected, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi urged us to go down to the grassroots to explain to all party divisions the reasons for the fuel price hike.

The PM's briefing may not work this time as people have suffered and they are more aware of the real issues and the various 'spins' politicians put to them. The truth is that too much has happened in so short a time and what is needed is an honest overhaul of the present system that has been abused to the hilt.

Indeed, the present government which came in with so much promise and roar can now barely manage a whimper what with the cronyism, double standards, the wastage, the leakages, the unfettered corruption, fanaticism and unexplained wealth of politicians, senior civil servants and others.

I believe a political shift has began in the people's thinking and this paradigm shift if not countered with a transparent, accountable and much needed review of the present systems may cost the ruling government dearly in the next election which is not far off.

As far as I am concerned, the administration made a politically incorrect decision to announce the fuel price hike at a time when many parts of the nation were suffering, including us victims of the Shah Alam floods that left us with a deep hole in our pockets. The announcement could have been better managed.

The statements by some politicians 'pooh-poohing' the domino effect the fuel price hike will have on prices are extremely foolish as prices of food and services have already started to climb affecting all across the board.

No amount of threats or preaching will convince the people about the goodness of this fuel price hike when the politicians themselves are abusing the system and living a life full of contradictions and double standards.

A new approach is needed by all in the Abdullah administration in 'walking the talk'. And the men who can bring this about are none other than our premier, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and his deputy, Najib Razak.