Oil hike: The market view

Yesterday morning, I followed my mum to the market for a quick round of breakfast before hitting off to work. There they were - two vegetable sellers, one fish monger, one 'chicken-man', one auntie selling kuih and, of course, my mum. Each of them taking turns at the top of their voices to voice their dissatisfaction over the government's fuel price increase.

Later, the conversation led to their overall dissatisfaction with the government. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it just strikes me as funny to see this scene at the market; each usually busy hailing customers but now gathered in unity to voice their dissatisfaction towards the government.

They are no economists, bankers but then again it doesn't take a genius to see or even feel the pinch. They all asked in unity, 'What is happening to the economy?' That is a valid question since we, as Malaysians, are 'protected' from learning the truth about the real economic situation we are facing. We have no freedom of the press, everything is covered and hushed - what do we know?

What we know for sure is that there is something we can do about this. Malaysians need to learn a thing of two from our neighbours about standing up for what they believe in instead of sitting back and accepting the situation. If we don't start somewhere, we will go nowhere.

I have never voted in my life, and I never plan to. But with all this in incompetency in the governance of a nation, how can I not? This week is about a fuel increase, what next? Can we all keep swallowing and complaining in the market each time it happens?