Cabinet must experience public transport nightmare

I refer to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's call to BN leaders to go on an info blitz to 'provide extensive information on the rational for the government to raise fuel prices'.

I think the PM should know that there will be price increases when fuel prices are raised. Most people are forced accept the multiplier effect of a fuel price increase in their daily lives.

However, Pak Lah, don't waste any more of our precious and scarce money on this info blitz, please. Don't spend more time and money just talking and talking and talking and talking ... it's time to walk the walk.

Just roll up your sleeves and get to work immediately to improve public transportation right away. In the meantime, direct your whole cabinet to use public transport on a daily basis especially areas outside of Kuala Lumpur to experience first hand what you are asking us to do.

If you all have first-hand experience of the current nightmare that is public transportation, you will be better equipped to find the right solution double quick.

If the rakyat can be provided with a public transportation system comparable to Singapore's, I will be the first to readily and willing give up car ownership. I am sure a huge chunk of the working-class population would do so too.

Thank you for hearing me out Pak Lah and I hope you will give this plea due consideration.