Change governing style, not lifestyle

When it comes to governmental fiscal solutions that could be rammed down the rakyat's throat, the BN government is swift to act. When it comes to conserving the nation's funds through vigilant control of reckless spending by its government machinery and agencies, Pak Lah seems paralysed to act.

Just how much can be saved is any child's guess. Go for open bidding of government contracts. Recover sums from rouges like in the Perwaja case. Stop the bailouts. Stop the junkets. Stop throwing parties like the Formula One and Tour De Langkawi. We can't afford them.

Be creative. Everyone knows the APs are being 'sold'. Why let the AP kings sell them? Tender them out. That way, only those who can afford will be contributing. Otherwise, just stop the stupid practice. Maybe then the rakyat can making some savings when buying a car, and can then afford higher petrol prices.

And stop telling me to change my lifestyle. As a retiree, there's nothing much to change, compared to the financial gains if the government changes its governing style. Practise what you preach and lead by example. I am sick and tired of listening to Pak Lah's and Najib's fake sermons from the bully-pulpits.

And Mr Paul Ooi, I don't care how much 'cheaper' petrol is in other countries like the US and Japan. I bet their rakyat don't have to subsidise filthy-rich cronies and tolerate reckless and irresponsible government spending.