Govt making us look like beggars

Paul Ooi is out of his depth when commenting on fuel prices in Malaysia. What he is earning there is probably three times the amount here. So of course he has to pay more for fuel prices in the US. We Malaysians are earning peanuts fit only for chipmunks.

What has does the government ever done properly? The roads? The public transport? The government hospitals? The government-related services? It has no respect at all for we the public, we the Malaysians.

We are feeding the government servants but they are now instead trying to make us look like beggars. They are supposed to serve us but now they are treating us otherwise.

Should the public transport be as good as in Singapore, then Malaysians would not have to suffer the daily traffic jams. Take me, I am staying in Balakong and work in Damansara Intan, about 30km from my home. Since there is no proper public transport, I have to drive.

Those in the US should mind their own business.