Police tudung rule: Another perspective

    Marina Mahathir had called for the differences between Muslim and non-Mulsim women to be eliminated. Perhaps the police management's directive that all policewomen irrespective of religion don the 'tudung' for official functions is a response to this call under the prime minister's Islam Hadhari agenda.

    As there are no other rules linked to the police 'tudung' directive, the non-Muslim policewoman wearing the 'tudung' on her way or during an official function, would still have the freedom to enjoy a nice bowl of bak-kut-teh for lunch or buy 4-D at the nearby betting shop.

    Unless, of course, the brilliant inspector-general of police next declares that non-Muslim policewomen should eat only 'halal' food and not indulge in any 'haram' activities while wearing the tudung as it is an Islamic attire.