Nazri on a mission?

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz must be on a personal mission this past fortnight to rile up the non-Muslims in the country. Perhaps it is part of his KPI? If so, then he must be raking in the performance points.

    First was his threat to non-Muslims not to 'incite' the sentiments of Muslims. This was promptly followed by his recent accusation of DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok as being an 'Islam-hater' for doing nothing more than echoing the discomfort of many Malaysians over the 'tudung' directive for all policewomen.

    The minister should realise that comments such as 'Islam-hater" are a rather sensitive utterance in a country such as ours, and that he is playing with fire by making such statements in a public forum such as Parliament.

    Is he willing to be held responsible should some misguided fanatic take his statement to heart and threaten the MP or the party or non-Muslims in general? Perhaps it is time Nazri took his own advice and did his best not to 'incite the sentiments of Muslims'.

    Dear Nazri, take a vacation and lay low for a while. Or think before you speak.